Peek-a-Boo Canyon by Virginia Maitland on Billboard

The billboard was 60ft long located on 16th & Champa off of the 16th Street Mall, Denver.

Virginia Maitland's Peek-a-Boo CanyonPeek-a-Boo Canyon by Virginia Maitland
Virginia Maitland's Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream

Virginia Maitland has been painting for over 40 years. The irresistible impact of brilliant colors as seen thru veils of Rothko-like color field paintings are delicate, ethereal and visceral. Maitland's paintings are the perfect balance between freedom and structure. She attended the distinguished Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where she studied paintings in the academic tradition.

Summer's Conversations in Color 2011

Virginia Maitland's Magma FallsMagma Falls

...the real attraction is the quartet of color-field compositions. In Magma Falls, a tilted hourglass shape in a raspberry shade cuts diagonally across the canvas from top right to bottom left.

Virginia Maitland's Rock GardenVirginia Maitland's Rock Garden

It's surrounded by large passages of dreamy blues in graduated shades; in places, Maitland has painted multiple coats of the same tone, which deepens the color of those shades. Another standout is Rock Garden, a stack of dropping arcs of various colors arranged vertically.

Spiral Arms

The other two color-field compositions, Blue Billow and Spiral Arms, are also knockouts.

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Paintings and Sculpture

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"... the show-stopper is a stunning 1974 painting Maitland recently rediscovered in her studio Androgynous Strain... surely among her best pieces ever."

Kyle MacMillan, The Denver Post

"Maitland of Colorado's most acclaimed artists... ethereal... apocalyptic... transcendental... daring..."

Mark Arnest, The Gazette

"One of the season's most important shows... to those of us... with an interest in the history of contemporary art
in our region."

Michael Paglia, WestWord

"With Maitland, it's all about painting... color, surface, and content..."

Mary Voelz Chandler, Rocky Mountain News


My paintings have always been involved with the beauty of pure paint and the illusion of three-dimensional space. Experience of light and space in nature has been my main influence.

My first oil paintings—at age twelve—were landscapes and still lifes.

I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where I began with academic training in the tradition of Mary Cassatt and Thomas Eakins.

There, under the influence of the ‘60s art school experience, I soon moved toward abstraction, influenced by pop art, abstract expressionism and color field painting.

When I relocated to Boulder in 1970, I was captivated by the light, sky and color of Colorado.

Since then I have lived and traveled in many places—England, New York City, Italy, Mexico, Maui, Costa Rica—and all have found their way into my art in one form or another. Thus it was natural to begin to incorporate into my paintings photographs from my travels.


Androgynous Strain    Acrylic on Canvas 1974 

Tibetan Skyscape   Acrylic on Canvas 1972 

Wave Goodbye   Acrylic on Canvas 1974 

Beyond the Sunset II   Acrylic on Canvas 2006


Urban Ghosts Inverted Time Awakening Ominous Gathering Churning Elements

In addition to the natural landscape, graveyards and churches have always interested me. On a trip to New York City in 1999 I took snapshots early one Saturday morning of Trinity Church graveyard and surrounding buildings on Wall Street, a scene memorialized in countless mass media images after 9/11. In the spring of 2002 on a trip to San Diego I took photos of Cabrillo Military graveyard at sunset. What I discovered was that I like the way the light and shadows play in these richly meaningful settings.

I have been able to combine formal and expressive interests, which play out in purely abstract paintings, with the emotional sense of place that photographs bring to the total image.

Currently, I find that both styles nurture each other.